Testimonials From Some of Our Regulars, Past and Present


"If you're looking for an antidote to movie mindlessness, look no further than Steve’s movie group. It is enjoyable, educational, thought provoking, and just plain fun."

– Judy Belt

"I learned a lot, enjoyed the movies, liked meeting other fans, and consider my time with you as the best experience in a liberal arts education I have had – including an ABD in English and MS in Psychology. And it was always fun and there were no papers to write. Steve does a great job of delivering background information and posing questions that provide focus on what is particularly notable about each movie. Participants were articulate, well-informed, and exceptionally observant. A great opportunity!"

– Nancy Sullivan

"This group provides such a congenial environment for watching classic films. From the wonderful food, engaging conversation, and of course the excellent choices in movies to the amazing depth of knowledge about those classic films, you would be hard pressed to find a better way to spend a Saturday night."

– Brian Wilson

"Having a discussion led by Steve who has researched background information on the film, director, actors, etc., adds so much to the enjoyment of the film. A good film, great discussion, tasty food, great folks. Always walk out the door having had a wonderful evening. "

– Joel Kollin

"If you love classic films from Hollywood's heyday, you can't find a better selection than those shown at Life is Too Short to Watch Lousy Movies. It's nice to meet with others who have a similar interest. I've learned so much from the discussion after the movie presentation that I refer to this as my 'film class.'”

– Charissa Schultz

"I have learned so much in this class about film-making, differences in directing and film editing that I can now recognize some of the major styles which characterize a director or a period."

– Vera Norman

"Steve is an inspired teacher who puts together a wonderful evening of film and commentary."

– Jackie Hartley

"Something to look forward to each month. Steve's classic movie group has given me an appreciation of the elements of film that I'd previously taken for granted, never noticed, or perhaps noticed and did not appreciate. It has been quite enjoyable! Interesting, diverse group of people who come together for a fun evening of film, food, and plain old good times."

– Faye Sullivan

"Just one of the things I have learned about is editing and the differences in perception it causes."

– Jay Croft

"As a Second Saturday attendee I look forward to the intellectual stimulus. It's a break from the day-to-day necessary thought. I've learned about so much in an area that I was only familiar with in my childhood as I had watched some classics only to fill time."

– Terez Gyarmati-Ratel

"There is no better way to spend a Saturday evening in Atlanta!"

– Mary Croft

"Watching great movies is its own reward, but watching them with the group is even better. Where can you go to talk about the old stars and directors? Have a cogent conversation on camera angles and the evolution of cinematography? Where will you find someone who will get your joke about Chaplin's love life? All while enjoying fine drink and fine food? The answer is here, here, here."

– Randy Boudwin

"Steve's movie group has kept me coming back for more over the last six years. I've learned so much about film and really enjoy conversing with other members of the group. Top grades for the films, shorts, clips. I hope to win a trivia contest, eventually. It is time well spent, and a lot of fun, besides!"

– Michael Norman

"I'm converted! I'm now a classic movie enthusiast. Put Steve in charge of your Netflix queue; I've not been disappointed yet with one of his selections. He has systematically guided us through the genres, loaded us with background info, and added icing to the movie cake with fabulous classic shorts and cartoons. I'll be signing up for next year – so you can't have my seat."

– Beth Holley

"Really look forward to the movie group every month. A bunch of fun people, laughter and then a marvelous program. There is a different monthly movie theme, classic cartoon and/or short features. Good variety of films and interesting material to read before seeing the movies. After the program we have a terrific discussion of the movie. Steve's wonderful commentary brings it all together. A great way to learn about classic films."

– Eunice Luke

"Take a seat on Steve’s magical couch and be transported to time past. There’s no better guide through the world of film!"

– Regular

"Amazing how treasures from the past are so fresh and appealing. It is fun viewing and discussing these iconic and influential films with other appreciative filmgoers."

– Regular

"Steve does a great job of helping us understand why important films are important and how they relate to other films. I am better able to approach and appreciate classic films thanks to this course."

– Dennis Sullivan

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Sit with 100's of strangers                    Visit with good friends

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$10.95/ticket                                       Priceless

– Mary Croft