Second Saturday Film Club

On the second Saturday of each month the Moderator presents an evening's program consisting of a feature film, discussion, and background on the film and those who made it.  The movies are either classics or somewhat more eclectic choices of interest to film buffs; none will have been shown previously in the group.  The Moderator provides the film, moderates the discussion, and contributes shorts, cartoons, and/or clips from his extensive video library; Regular members contribute background information and other program material and activities. 

There are two levels of participation:

  • Regulars Those who commit to attending a majority  generally eight or more of the screenings throughout the calendar year.  Regulars are asked to contribute to several programs or assist in the administration of the group (see Attendee Responsibilities FAQs).

  • Drop-InsThose on the mailing list who make no ongoing commitment and attend on a space-available basis.  Drop-Ins are notified of the availability of seats in the monthly newsletter and must specifically request a spot whenever they would like to attend.

The Club is open to all who comply with the Attendee Responsibilities essentially to show up when they say they will and treat the material and each other with respect see the FAQs for details.