Tired of Movie Mindlessness?

After a half hour of commercials and two hours of explosions at the local multiplex, perhaps you've had the feeling that there must be a better way to spend a Saturday night.  We think so too.  Life is Too Short to Watch Lousy Movies is an Atlanta film viewing and discussion group which was founded in 2007 to provide a more worthwhile moviegoing experience.  It consists of two parts, the First Saturday Classic Film Seminar and the Second Saturday Film Club.  Please click the links in the paragraphs below for details on how the group works.  To participate, complete the form on the Contact Us page.

First Saturday Classic Film Appreciation Seminar 

Those relatively new to the group or who prefer watching only classics attend the Film Seminar, which meets in a private home theater in southeast Atlanta on the First Saturday of every month.   Programs include a cartoon and/or short subject, Coming Attractions, the feature film, and clips and commentary on personnel and genres, with thoughtful discussion interspersed.   All the movies are recognized classics, the majority from Hollywood’s Golden Age, the rest from other eras or countries. Regulars are polled to insure we don't show movies that everyone has already seen ― so we're more likely to screen Out of the Past or The Awful Truth or Ride the High Country than Gone With the Wind or Casablanca.

We're always looking for new participants.  The Seminar is open to all who agree to comply with the Attendee Responsibilities ― essentially to show up when they say they will and treat the material and each other with respect.  The group is a labor of love, so there is no charge for either the movie or the program, although we do encourage donations to pay for the prizes in the monthly movie trivia contests.  See the FAQs for details.

There are two levels of participation: Regulars, who are guaranteed a seat to every show, and Drop-Ins, who attend on a space-available basis.

Participants come from around the metro area and are diverse in age and outlook.  We are united, however, in our love of classic film and our enjoyment of one another's company.  Read some of the testimonials to get an idea of how our members feel about the group.  Check out AboutUs/Photos to see what a meeting looks like.

If you have a question or think you might like to participate, first be sure to read the rest of the site, then express your interest or ask your question via the Contact form.  If you prefer to write a regular email, our address is ClassicFilmAppreciation [at] gmail.com.


Second Saturday Film Club

The Life is Too Short... Film Club meets on the Second Saturday of each month, also in southeast Atlanta.   Anyone who has attended at least nine sessions of the Seminar may Drop In on the Club, space providing.  Those who have attended at least 18 sessions of either the Seminar or the Club is eligible to attend the Club as a Regular with guaranteed seating. 

Club programs are similar to those on First Saturdays, with some exceptions.  While many of the movies are classics, others are somewhat more eclectic, though all should be of interest to film buffs; none will have been shown previously in the group.  Also, compared to First Saturdays, participants take a more active role.  The Moderator provides the film, moderates the discussion, and occasionally contributes shorts, cartoons, and/or clips from his library; members contribute background information and other program material and activities.